He’s going to fly his passenger like Superman! UFO-like vehicle unveiled

A UFO-like circular electric vehicle is of interest. Here is the aircraft that US-based Zeva Aero is working on…

A company in the U.S. is developing a UFO-like electric vehicle. The company’s CEO has issued a statement regarding this aircraft. The CEO announced that manned flights could begin within 3 to 6 months of completion of the first prototype. U.S.-based company Zeva Aero has described how it has an electric flying vehicle that makes single-seat vertical takeoffs and landings (VTOLs)….

Carbon fiber UFO-like vehicle has these features!

New Atlasheld a meeting with Zeva Aero CEO Stephen Tibbits. First, the vehicle is about 2.4 meters in diameter and weighs 317 kilograms gross, the CEO said. Meanwhile, he added, the vehicle is carbon fiber. One of the most interesting aspects of the vehicle is undoubtedly what the travel experience will be like. Because you will travel like a Superman…

Zeva Aero UFO looking vehicle

The UFO-looking vehicle has enough space in the middle for a person to fit in. There is also a glass pane that allows the user to see out. There are two drive motors in the front and two in the back, and each has two electric propellers.

The batteries will be located in different boxes and on the sides of the apartment. However, the battery power is planned as 25 kWh in the first production model. In addition, battery boxes will be monitored continuously.

Zeva Aero UFO looking vehicle

This single-seater eVTOL vehicle is expected to function as an air taxi. It will also likely carry passengers upside down. So he’s going to fly like a Superman! In the meantime, the vehicle could be an alternative to helicopters for the rich. He doesn’t even need frequent maintenance like a helicopter.

Emergency assistance will be the priority of use

Company CEO Stephen Tibbits announced the priority of use for the UFO-like vehicle. The CEO said he wants it to be used primarily for emergency assistance, search and rescue, and resupply. Because he sees the relatively small size of the vehicle as an advantage in this regard.

Flying taxi prototypes

The UFO-looking vehicle in question can land almost anywhere. For example, even a dead end. That’s why the CEO explained that many people are looking forward to the vehicle. But he went on to say: “I want the vehicle to be used outside the cities first. It can be used in cities after thousands of hours of flights.”

However, Tibbits added that they have received strong interest from rural areas and countries such as Indonesia. Because it is a great means of transportation for the rich living in regions like Indonesia, which has thousands of infrastructure-without-infrastructure islands. Finally, CEO Tibbits stated that they continue to work on the vehicle. He stressed that the vehicle must undergo many tests before manned flights.

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