New features to come with Microsoft Edge 96 have been revealed!

Microsoft’s internet browser, Microsoft Edge, will release its new update 96 this week. Here’s what’s new.

Microsoft Edgeinitially appears as the default browser on Windows devices. Although it is the default at first, most users use other internet browsers. According to the latest reports, the internet browser is slightly behind its competitors.

To get out of this situation, Microsoft plans to attract users by adding new features to its browser, Microsoft Edge. Under this plan, the company is set to release the Microsoft Edge 96 update this week. With the update, many innovations will come to us.

What does Microsoft Edge 96 offer?

Let’s talk about the price history feature at first. With its price history feature, Microsoft Edge will add products you’ve recently reviewed to its memory. It will send you notifications as soon as the price of these products drops. In this way, you will be able to save money on your purchases. This feature will be available to users alongside the price comparison function in your browser.

This feature, which until now has been limited to the desktop version of Microsoft Edge, will also come to Android devices with version 96. Features in the desktop version of the browser will continue to come to mobile, the company said in a statement.

Microsoft Rewards is another innovation placed on the browser’s three-point menu with Microsoft Edge 96. With this feature, which allows you to earn points by playing games and shopping, you can save money. In addition, innovations will not be limited to saving money.

New features will also be added for passwords. From now on, when one of your passwords is compromised, you can go directly to the Microsoft Edge password manager. You will be able to change your stolen password from this password manager section with a single click. The browser will also offer a strong password recommendation for you. Microsofthas announced that this feature is currently suitable for certain websites.

Finally, Microsoft announced a partnership with Good On You, a platform of the Bing search engine that ranks fashion brands according to various sustainability criteria. Bing will now inform you of sustainability-based purchases. Microsoft Edgewill also donate to some organizations for every 10 purchases on eligible websites. This feature will currently be implemented in the United Kingdom.

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