Microsoft will continue to support the Windows 10 operating system! (微軟將繼續支援 Windows 10 作業系統!)

Microsoft has issued a statement that will delight Windows 10 users who cannot upgrade their systems. The company said it would continue to support it!

Windows 11 , released by Microsoft on October 5, 2021 in a stable version worldwide, was not yet available to some Windows 10 users. However, it has been announced that this service is available to many users who want to switch to Windows 11 with an update through the operating system and wait patiently. Then the company gave good news to those who could not upgrade their systems.

Windows 10 will be updated with new features every year

Microsoftsaid it plans to support Windows 10 systems in the coming years with new updates. Accordingly, the company announced that it has started to release its November 2021 update as of today. He also said the next major update would come in 2022. This will give users access to some new features of Windows 11.

Windows 10 - 11

John Cable, Microsoft’s President of Windows Services and Deployment, said:

To adapt to the rhythm of Windows 11, we are moving to a new Windows 10 pace that aims to release annual feature update versions. We are planning the next Windows 10 feature update for the second half of 2022.

Microsoft’s commitment to future Windows 10 feature updates comes after the company remained silent about its plans for Windows 11,which was released earlier this year. It is also not yet clear what Microsoft will bring to Windows 10 in the future.

The November 2021 update is said to be of a very small size. In addition, the only feature that stands out for users seems to be gpu computing support in the Windows Subsysm for Linux (WSL). Of course, we don’t include the new Microsoft Store,which Microsoft started rolling out on Windows 10 devices earlier this month.

Windows 10 - 11

Most of Microsoft’s future Windows plans are understandably moving through Windows 11. But the company says it will support at least one version of Windows 10 by October 14, 2025. Microsoft also said today that it is accelerating the deployment of Windows 11.

John Cable said:

Based on our positive rollout experience and user feedback to date, we’ve decided to improve the rollout speed faster than we previously expected. That is why we will now offer the Windows 11 upgrade more broadly to eligible Windows 10 devices.


Windows 11 由微軟2021 年 10 月 5日在全球範圍內以穩定版本發布,目前尚未向某些 Windows 10使用者提供。但是,已宣佈此服務適用於許多希望通過操作系統進行更新並耐心等待的使用者。然後,公司給那些無法升級系統的人帶來了好消息。

Windows 10 將每年更新新功能

微軟表示,計劃在未來幾年內通過新的更新來支援Windows 10系統。因此,該公司宣佈,從今天起開始發佈2021年11月的更新。他還表示,下一次重大更新將在2022 年進行。這將使用戶能夠訪問Windows 11的某些新功能。

視窗 10 - 11


為了適應 Windows 11 的節奏,我們正轉向新的 Windows 10 速度,旨在發佈年度功能更新版本。我們正在計劃於 2022 年下半年進行下一次 Windows 10 功能更新。

微軟承諾未來推出Windows 10功能更新之前,該公司對其今年早些時候發佈的Windows 11計劃保持沉默。目前還不清楚微軟將來將給Windows10帶來什麼。

2021 年 11 月的更新據說規模很小。此外,唯一對用戶來說最突出的功能似乎是在Windows SubsmLinux (WSL)gpu計算支援。當然,我們不包括微軟本月早些時候開始在Windows 10設備上推出的微軟新商店

視窗 10 - 11

微軟未來的大多數視窗計劃都是通過Windows 11移動的,這是可以理解的。但該公司表示,到2025年10月14日,將至少支援一個版本的Windows 10。微軟今天還表示,它正在加速部署Windows11。


基於我們迄今為止的積極推出體驗和用戶反饋,我們決定以比之前預期更快的速度提高推出速度。因此,我們現在將更廣泛地向符合條件的 Windows 10 設備提供 Windows 11 升級。

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