Razer unveils new Zephyr Pro mask

Razer unveiled the new Zephyr Pro mask with speakers as part of CES 2022. Here’s the price…

Razerintroduced the Zephyr Pro mask as part of CES 2022. The mask aims to amplify your voice via speaker. The model is very similar to the standard Zephyr. Still, there are two speaker grids surrounding the bottom, interchangeable filter.

One of the lined inputs on the Chroma RGB side has a button that turns volume on or off. Razerpromises that this feature can transmit your voice to 60 decibels within a one-meter range.

Razer Zephyr Pro price

Zephyr Prowelcomes us with a price tag of $149.99 when it comes to the market. This amounts to around TL 2,041 with an approximate tax-free exchange rate account against the Turkish Lira. Razerannounced that they plan to release the product in 2022. In addition, the company initially considered adding an audio amplifier to the standard Zephyr model. In fact, he’s done it before. But due to weight and battery concerns, he decided to remove it.


Razerstated that the Zephyr Pro aims for the same weight as the standard model. So that’s 206.1 grams. Razer’s U.S. Public Relations Leader Will Powers explained how they are doing it.

“The mass reduction caused by laser milling of speaker grilles almost eliminates the increase in weight from the volume amplifier microphones and speakers.

The company said the original aims for the same five to six hours of battery life when fans are on. Razerthought it wasn’t possible a year ago. But now he seems to have succeeded.

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