Riot Games to pay $100 million in discrimination lawsuit

Riot Games has been coming up with discrimination against female employees for some time. The firm pleaded guilty in the case.

With Valorant and League of Legends games, Riot Games is known to everyone and has thousands of employees. In 2018, the company that came up with sexism in a way that it never wanted was in court. Following the 2018 trial, Riot agreed to pay a total of $100 million in penalties, saying he must take responsibility for the past.

Riot Games pleads guilty in sex discrimination case

Riot has agreed to pay compensation in the case, which previously involved 1,065 female employees and 1,300 contracted female workers, riot said today. It was emphasized that the neglected employees will be taken accountable and compensation will be paid against the allegations of sexism and harassment spread against the company. Riot Games will pay $80 million in damages, but that lawsuit costs $100 million when court costs of close to $20 million are taken into account.

The crisis that erupted in 2018 resulted in an email chain grading the beauty of female employees. It was also revealed that some employees were sent photos of their genitals after the incident, which turned female employees into sexual objects. After three years of crisis, Riot finally takes responsibility and pleads guilty.

Rising harassment cases in the gaming industry

Even before Riot Games, we’ve seen harassment in the gaming industry come up quite often. Of course, Activision Blizzard is the first thing that comes to mind in these cases. In recent weeks, Activision Blizzard employees have protested against Bobby Kotick, the company’s founder and CEO. Despite the protest, which even those who work in executive positions at the company have joined, Kotick doesn’t seem inclined to give up his seat right now.

We’ve seen harassment come up at Ubisoft, another giant gaming studio. We are deeply saddened by the recent coming up of such sickening events in the gaming industry. Together we will see what happens to companies and names that come up undesirably in the coming weeks.

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