The number of readings of Assassin’s Creed’s comic book has been announced!

Ubisoft has announced the number of readings of assassin’s creed dynasty, which it has released in China. Here are the details…

Ubisofttoday announced that the web comic book Assassin’s Creed Dynasty has reached one billion views in China. Since its launch, the comic has scored 9+/10 for all platforms in Tencent Animation & Comics. So Wuxia made it into the top 10of its kind.

Assassin’s Creed Dynasty,created by Xu Xianzhe, became Ubisoft’sfirst Chinese original comic book in China, featuring an entirely new character and story set in the 8th century. The comic focuses on the journey of Li E,a dark Assassin trained by The Secret Persons on the Silk Road.

Assassin’s Creed Dynasty released in partnership with TOKYOPOP

The Tang dynasty and Chinaneed to meet with Tang loyalists to get rid of the biggest plan the Middle Kingdomhas ever faced. Assassin’s Creed Dynasty, a skinless version of Volume 1translated into English,was also released today in partnership with American manga and anime publisher TOKYOPOP.


5 volumes are coming out by 2022. Volume 2arrives on April 19, 2022,while Volume 3comes to readers on June 14, 2022. Mia Zhang, Director of China Market Strategy at Ubisoft, explained:

“We are thrilled to see Chinese fans enjoying the content we make with them in mind and to have reached this milestone where the Assassin’s Creed Dynasty comic has been viewed more than a billion times. To celebrate this achievement, we are grateful to have the opportunity to share this story with more people around the world, including a Chinese assassin.”

Ubisoft China Market Strategy Director Mia Zhang

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