A mode is leaving Battlefield 2042

Electronic Arts has returned the troublesome Zombie Survival mode to battlefield 2042. Here are the details…

EAhas removed the latest community-made Zombie Survival mode from Battlefield 2042. Because fans have discovered that mode is a pretty easy way to earn XP. Justin Wiebe, Senior Design Directorat Ripple Effect Studios,said the mode should stay in the workshop for a while.

Wiebe said zombie survival mode may be more compatible with standard game progression. In addition, the developer noted that reviews are becoming more frequent on Battlefield 2042 to prevent such situations from happening again. In addition, he apologized to fans for their patient behavior and understanding.

Zombie Survival mode is back in the workshop

Zombie Survivalwas a fan-made mode released in Portal mode of Battlefield 2042. Teams of four soldiers were battling waves of zombies until the rescue arrived. Things didn’t go as expected at this point. Gamerssaw it as an XP collection farm and assessed this vulnerability. The current situation upset the XP balance of construction. EA soon became aware of the error and removed it.

Wiebeadmitted that Zombie Survivalshould never have been added to Battlefield 2042in the first place. At this point, he said, “Our desire to create a fun zombie mode has overshadowed our ability to see something as simple as its impact on progress. I am very sorry for the difficulties this has caused.”

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