Amazing description of Metaverse from the Creator of PlayStation!

Ken Kutaragi, also known as the creator of the Sony PlayStation console, made an unexpected statement about Metaverse.

Ken Kutaragi, one of the first names that came to mind when it came to Sony and PlayStation, officially resigned from his position at Sony shortly before the release of the PlayStation 4. Kutaragi, who has been providing consultancy services without taking a very active role in the gaming and technology market since then, made a statement about Metaverse, one of the most popular topics of recent times, and admitted that he found virtual reality quite meaningless at this stage.

Ken Kutaragi doesn’t like Metaverse

Born in 1950, Ken Kutaragi was the chairman and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment for a very long time. Kutaragi, also described as the ‘Father of PlayStation’, was personally involved in the production phase of many consoles, including the first PlayStation, PS2, PSP and PlayStation 3. Although not much known, Kutaragi was also the designer of the audio handler of Nintendo’s famous console SNES.

Kutaragi has not been actively involved in the technology world for a long time, but continues to provide consultancy services to various companies. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Kutaragi said it was important to stay in the real world and that he could not perceive the purpose of something like Metaverse, which was based on doing everything half-real.

Kutaragi claimed that he found it strange that people would rather be an afli avatar than their true selves, and that this was not much different from being on a website where anonymous messages were sent. Kutaragi also spoke about virtual reality sets such as PSVR2 and Quest 2, explaining that such hardware isolates people from the real world and does not accept this. PlayStation’s father reveals he finds VR goggles simply ‘boring’

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