Capcom’s Resident Evil case is solved!

The ongoing Resident Evil case between Capcom and artist Judy A. Juracek has been resolved as of today. Here are the details of the incident…

A trial began between Capcom and the artist Judy A. Juracek. Juracek claimed that the Japanese developer used his paintings in games such as Resident Evil 4. The current litigation process has been going on for some time. As of today, this situation has been resolved.

Law firm St Onge Stevart Johnston and Reeds LLC issued a statement yesterday. The statement said the dispute over the alleged use of photos of Capcom and Juracek in Capcom’s games was resolved amicably. At this time, there were no other public details about the decision between Capcom and Juracek.

Capcom and Juracek solve the problem

Juracek first filed this lawsuit against Capcom in June 2021. At the time, the artist claimed to have used at least 80 photographs from Capcom’s book ‘Surfaces’ more than 200 times without a license. Resident Evil 4’s broken glass logo was also included in the list of images juracek claimed were illegally used by the company.


That’s not the only playback about Resident Evil

That’s not all Capcom received for copying in 2021. Following the release of Resident Evil Village in May, Dutch director Richard Raaphorst accused the developer of stealing monster designs.

According to Raaphorst, Sturm boss, found in Heisenberg’s factory, was a one-on-one replica of the monster he created for the 2013 horror film Frankenstein’s Army. Raaphorst said in a speech that he was initially angry about the situation. Then he added that he was proud. Finally, he said:

“It’s very hard to find a great design. It’s really hard to think about something that communicates as a cool design. Ideas aren’t the only thing you can go around catching. It’s hard to think about. Then they grab him.”

Richard Raaphorst

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