Investors upset: Sony sentiment crashes over PlayStation

Sony is having a tough time in the markets after playStatin 5, which it released last year, released estimated sales figures.

Sony recently announced its PlayStation 5 sales forecasts as fierce competition between PlayStation and Xbox continues in the game console world. The number of sales of the console, which currently outperforms xbox series X|S consoles, still did not please the company.

Sony’s shares fall 8.6 percent

A report was recently released comparing the sales performance of Sony’s game consoles PlayStation 4 and 5. Ps4 went on sale in the last quarter of 2013 and sold 4.5 million units in its first quarter. The PS5 performed similarly in its first three months but could not bring back the rest.

The global chip crisis that has affected the whole world continues to have its effects. Many tech companies continue to suffer from this crisis. A few days ago, Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki announced that this problem would stick to their collars throughout 2022, making it difficult to find a PS 5. After all these developments, the markets reacted to the company.

Year-on-year, the company reduced the PS 5 estimate from 14.8 million to 11.5 million devices. Following those announcements, Sony shares were down 8.6 percent from Friday. The global chip crisis is also affecting the company’s biggest rival, Xbox.

In expert opinion, it seems difficult for Sony to change course. According to some reports, there are the heaviest periods of the semiconductor crisis, which will have an impact by 2025. Sony has just introduced its biggest brand product, the PS 5. The company’s policy to get out of this situation is already a matter of curiosity.

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