It turns out why Bill Gates scolded Xbox executives!

In episode 5 of the new Xbox documentary, Power On: The Story of Xbox, an unsouted truth has emerged.

Microsoft continues to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Xbox brand. Microsoft recently launched a digital museum project exclusive to Xbox that tells almost everything that’s happened in 20 years, and has been sharing a documentary on its official YouTube channel for some time.

In episode 5 of the documentary Power On: The Story of Xbox, details of meetings in which Bill Gates brushed off the Xbox department have emerged.

Bill Gates is furious at the success of the Wii!

First released in November 2001, Microsoft Xbox had a pretty good debut at the time, with sales of 24 million units in about 5 years. The company continues its success with the subsequent Xbox 360, and although it has been a little years old with the decisions it made in the release of the Xbox One, it is now continuing its success with Xbox Series X and Series S on the market.

Microsoft recently held a series of events in honor of the brand’s 20th anniversary, most recently releasing The Red Ring of Death,part 5 of a documentary called Power On: The Story of Xbox, about the console’s development over 20 years. Different details also emerged in the documentary, which basically describes the ‘Three red lights of death’ error in the first batch distribution of the Xbox 360 and touches on how the company survived these days.

As you may recall, just a year after the xbox 360 was released, the Nintendo Wii was involved in the console war and almost dominated the market. The success of the Nintendo Wii, which for a long time wiped both the PlayStation 3 and xbox 360 off the market, angered Microsoft’s boss at the time. Bill Gates is said to be particularly resentful of the success of the Nintendo Wii’s distinctive controller, the Wii Remote.

Phil Spencer, the current boss of Xbox, describes those days as follows:

“I remember very well how Bill Gates put a lot of pressure on xbox executives in those days.” How do you bypass motion sensor technology?! How come we can’t keep up with them?!’ The Nintendo Wii turned the world upside down in those days.”

Phil Spencer

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