Fans in shock: Squid Game costume banned!

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ANew York school has warned parents of students wearing Squid Game costumes. The use of the costume has been banned.

The South Korean series Squid Game, which the world is talking about, has also influenced Halloween. As with every holiday, students who entered society in different guises started coming to school wearing the iconic red costume of Squid Game. Some schools in the US state of New York have imposed a ban.

squid game costume

“Our staff found that some students mimicked games in Squid Game,” the Fayetteville-Manlius school administration said in a statement. Reminding that the games played in the series contain violent scenes, the administration warned that Squid Game costumes were not suitable because they also evoked violence.

Squid Game costumes violate Halloween dress code

Squid Game, which was watched by 132 million people for at least two minutes in the first 28 days of its release; It is about the struggles of 456 people who participated in the 45.6 billion Won ($38 billion) prize game, which is owed for various reasons and offered by a mysterious group. Squid Game’starget audience is described as ‘adult content’ due to a number of violent scenes shown in the games.

That’s where the costumes start.

That’s where the costumes start. Soldiers wear red outfits that look like jumpsuits, identifying with Squid Game. Those eliminated in the game are killed by the soldier according to the rules. Recalling the school’s Halloween dress code, the administration said in a statement:

Every October, we remind families of our guidelines for Halloween costumes. No items that can be interpreted as weapons, such as toy swords or pistols, should be brought to school. In addition, costumes should not be bloody or scary in order not to frighten our young students.

Some parents supported the decision by the school. Students before Halloween, which begins on October 31st; He lined up to buy teal tracksuits, red-pink blouses and plastic masks. Squid Game remains popular all over the world.

The first nine-episode season of Squid Game cost Netflix $21.4 million .

platform turned out to be close to $900 million. The show’s director, Hwang Dong-hyuk, on the other hand, explainedthat, contrary to popular belief, he was not rich thanks to Squid Game and had enough income to “feed himself” – a claim he said was “not enough to feed him.”

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