Remedy and Tencent develop a free game

Remedy, the developer of Control, and Chinese gaming giant Tencent are developing a joint free shooter game.

Remedy,the developer of Control, is developing a free game with Tencent. Remedy, which develops games such as Control and Alan Wake, will face fans with Alan Wake 2. Developed in partnership with Tencent and Remedy, this new production will be a free shooter game.

The new game, in partnership with Remedy and Tencent, is still in the design stage

This new game will be multiplayer. Remedy explained that the game is still in its design phase and its code name is “Vanguard“. “Combining Remedy’s expertise in storytelling and experience in action games with multiplayer, the team will develop a PvE shooter using Unreal Engine”

Itwas stated that the team behind the game was brought together by Remedy in 2018,especially to develop multiplayer games. According to the announcement, Vanguard is currently in the design phase and there is no concrete data on the game yet. When Vanguard is released, remedy will be available in all markets except Asia. The Asian market will be controlled by Tencent, where it will conduct localization work. The new partnership between Remedy and Tencent also gives Tencent the right to create a mobile version of Vanguard.

Vanguard isn’t the only project Remedy is working on. The developer is also working on a new story mode for CrossfireX, a free shooter game that released its trailer earlier this month. The developer is also working on the newly announced Alan Wake 2.

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