Resident Evil 4 Remake is under construction! Here are the first details

Resident Evil 4, which means a lot to both the Resident Evil series and the gaming world, may be being rethinked years later.

Capcom’s legendary horror game series Resident Evil is constantly coming up with new games. The last time we saw Resident Evil: Village from the series, the game had received a lot of positive reviews. As games that tell new stories continue to emerge, Capcommakes sure to breathe new life into old games. Perhaps the most popular game in the series, Resident Evil 4,is coming back as a remake, according to a new leak.

Resident Evil 4 has appeared as Remastered before. In this release, the game had HD graphics and became more easily playable on PC. The production that’s coming this time could be more than just a few corrections.

Resident Evil 4 Remake leaked by sound actor

Althoughcapcom has not confirmed that the game was developed, the leaked messages of voice actor D.C. Douglas are enough to convince us of this. The actor, who will play Albert Wesker in the play, shared an image of the play with a relative. Even though we saw him say in the leaked messages, “Don’t share, I can be sued,” you know the result. The following images shared by the actor may belongto resident evil 4 remake .

In this image we see the drawing of the character and some of the costume worn to the actor. Under normal circumstances, these images are covered by a nondisclosure agreement with the actor. D.C. Douglas is probably going to get his head burned for leaking these images.

Since there has been no official announcement on these images yet, it is worth approaching them at a distance. But it looks like Resident Evil may be reappearing. This time, the game will be more than just correcting the graphics in the old game. We can say that a big game is coming, as a new story will be told on the same idea and theme.

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