Spider-Man outfit appears in Fortnite!

Fortnite did not release the trailer for the new season, but it was leaked by a source. That’s where the Spider-Man costume came out.

FortniteEpisode 3 Season 1 battle ticket trailer leaked. This revealed new characters, new islands and more. Among them was the Spider-Man costume. The polish-language trailer was accidentally shared publicly on an official Fortnite channel.

The trailer video gives an idea of what players can expect in the new episode. Epic and Marvel have a close relationship. In this case, it seemed likely that the Spider-Man outfit would be added. Recently leakers have claimed that the Spider-Man character will appear as early as next season. That’s right, too.

Fortnite’s new season trailer leaked

Alongside character descriptions come weather effects, a massive new map, a mechanic that allows characters to slide, and a reconstructed physics that allows trees to fall when cut down. Check out fortnite’snew season trailer in the tweet below.

Fortnite has released a description of the new season. In this context, he stated:

The island you know is upside down!

Welcome to Chapter 3, where you’ll find brand new places to explore and previously unknown ways to experience Fortnite. Start earning Battle Pass XP beyond Battle Royale. Play and level up as you like to unlock battle pass outfits, including Spider-Man.

New features are also waiting to be discovered. Move faster on the map and avoid enemies with the new slip mechanics. Even set up camps where you and your team will heal themselves and store items between matches. In addition, new weapons and items have been added to Fortnite to help you win Victory Royale and the prestigious Victory Crown. Keep winning.

In addition to these features, the island has been completely renovated. Seven and Spider-Man Quarter – Explore Sanctuary and other places, the secret home of The Daily Bugle. Remember, anything can happen due to new weather conditions. What are you waiting for? Jump to chapter 3 and discover a brand new island. It’s not known what you’ll find there.

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