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Meta is facing a new investigation!

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is investing in virtual reality goggles. But he’s in trouble again because of the policy he’s pursuing.

Meta, the world’s largest social media company, has undoubtedly been one of the most engaged companies in the metaverse universe. To that end, the company has invested heavily in virtual reality goggles. The company, which has been investigated several times since it was founded under the name Facebook, is on the verge of being investigated again for its policy during these investments.

Meta buys Within for $400 million

Meta bought Withinfor $400 million, the developer of Supernatural, the popular virtual reality exercise app for the Oculus platform. But the acquisition was caught on the radar of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). According to the Commission, Meta’s move is seen as‘a move to dominate the field and eliminate competition’.

Within is not the first virtual reality app developer meta has purchased. However, this is the first time such a great agreement has been reached in this area. The FTC is still investigating the area. Rumor has it that Meta will appeal to the commission. Meta, which is familiar with the investigations, is preparing its defense.

Meta has faced the Federal Trade Commission before. The FTC launched an investigation into the acquisition of Instagram,now one of its largest platforms. The commission had filed antitrust charges against the company. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s “Buying is better than competing” was much talked about at the time. The company is currently under investigation for its acquisition of Giphy.

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