Tencent has incorporated its giant gaming studio!

Tencent, known for retaining many giant gaming studios, announced that it has added another major gaming studio.

Thanks to the recently released Back 4 Blood, Turtle Rock Studios,whose name we often hear about, was acquired by Tencent, the giant name of the gaming industry. This adds a new addition to tencent’s powerful gaming studios. Turtle Rock, the creator of Left 4 Dead and closely related to Valve, is facing a new era.

Tencent is one of the largest companies, especially in the mobile gaming market. The giant company, which owns giants such as PUBG Mobile, COD: Mobile as well as Riot Games, is likely to further accelerate its business on the PC and console side.

Turtle Rock Studios acquired by Tencent

Turtle Rock, which made its name in 2004 when it was the developer of Counter-Strike: Source, was acquired by Tencent, a press release announced. Turtle Rock will continue its existing operations in California and will be led by the same administration, according to the statement. In the future, when the sleeves are rolled up for console and PC platforms, the real fruit of this investment will be taken.

It’s not the only investment Tencent has made this year. The company acquired Dayz’s developer and Don’t Starve’s developer this year, as well as holding minority stakes in Alan Wake and Control games. Tencent, which made significant investments in 2021, is becoming a huge company. According to January 2018 data, the holding with a market value of $580 billion must have increased its value even more these days.

While it’s unclear what Turtle Rock’s next move will be, they haven’t stopped supporting Back 4 Blood. The recently released game, which was also played by Turkish players with its presence in Game Pass, is still the darling of Turtle Rock, although it has received mixed reviews. Amajor update to game a was released last week, which may even cause you to turn the game back on.

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