Galaxy S22 Plus revealed in performance test

The soon-to-be announced Galaxy S22 Plus appeared on Geekbench following the revelations about the processor!

Information about the Galaxy S22 series, which is expected to be introduced in the first quarter of next year, continues to come in. The series, which is likely to house the company’s first flagship phones to launch in the new year, had already emerged with many details, from camera to processor. The information today is that the phone showed up in the Geekbench test.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series, which will probably become official in March, will bring with it the Plus model as usual. In addition, the exynos-snapdragon dilemma that has been going on for years can be eliminated in this series. In other words, Samsung may not make the processor-country distinction it makes on flagship models in this series. Galaxy S22 models can only come with snapdragon 898.

Galaxy S22 Plus, Geekbench testinde

Geekbench data, which emerged not long after these claims were made last week, suggests that the new Galaxy S22 series is likely to feature the Snapdragon 898. As a matter of fact, the Galaxy S22 Plus, which appeared in the test, is powered by Snapdragon’s chip, which is expected to debut. The chipset, which is expected to become official on November 30, could possibly be the only chip to be included in the Galaxy S22 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, which scored 1163 points in a single core according to Geekbench data, has outperformed all Android phones on the market in this field. Currently, according to the Geekbench list, the most successful phone in the single core is the Microsoft Surface Duo 2. The device that follows this model is the S21 Plus on the Samsung front.

galaxy s22 plus

When we come to multi-core performance, we are greeted with a value that is not very high. The phone scores 2728 in multiple cores. It is fair to say that the low score on this front is not caused by the processor. As a matter of fact, the other phones that took the test powered by the same processor did well in the multi-core. Apart from this, the phone has 8 GB of RAM capacity.

So what do you think of Samsung’s flagships? Do you think the Galaxy S22 series will be successful? You can specify it in the comments.

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