It is clear how many different phones Samsung will produce in 2022!

Preparing for a big competition for 2022, Samsung apparently comes into the new year with many different smartphones.

One of Samsung’s 2022 targets, which is currently in close competition with Xiaomi, has emerged. In recent years, the company has produced quite a lot of models and the number of models it will produce in the next year has emerged. The company, which will have a year of high competition against Xiaomi, will apparently bring up quite different phones.

Although Samsung competes with many mid-segment manufacturers, it remains in the lead in key markets such as foldable phones. Among the phones the company will launch next year are almost all types of smartphones.

Samsung to launch 52 different smartphones next year

Some manufacturers work on fewer phones throughout the year and focus on one type, while high-pulse manufacturers such as Samsung produce devices suitable for many uses. Samsung has many series that it has released under the name Galaxy. The number of new phones to be included in these series in 2022 was reported as 52. This report comes from TheElec, which has previously analyzed the smartphone market.

Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung topped the foldable phone market by selling 1 million foldable phones in South Korea. The company’s target for 2022 is quite high compared to this number. Overall, Samsung aims to sell 7 million foldable phones next year. We will see what third generation Galaxy foldable phones will achieve this great goal by doing differently.

Another goal of the company regarding foldable phones is to produce 10 million t Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 in the third and fourth quarters. These two phones will be Samsung’s next generation foldable phones. Samsung is focused on making its devices in this category more durable, according to occasional leaks and analysts’ general opinion. We have already seen significant increases in the durability of Galaxy Z phones with the current generation.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE smartphone
Image purported to be Galaxy S21 FE

The galaxy S22, the original flagship of the Galaxy series, is expected to reach 38 million sales with variants. The Galaxy S21 FE, which is currently on the agenda, is projected to debut in January, reaching 9 million sales.

We look forward to seeing how Samsung performs in the smartphone market next year. Do you think Samsung can achieve these goals?

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