Intel Core i7-12800H outperforms Apple M1 Max!

Intel has appeared in artificial testing with its Core i7-12800H processor. He went head-to-head with Apple and its rivals on the AMD side.

Intelintroduced its 12th generation processors this year. The Core i712800H chip from the Alder Lake family also produced some unexpectedly impressive results compared to Apple’s M1 Max CPU. Similarly, it performed extremely well in comparisons with its predecessor, the Core i711800H, and the Ryzen 9 5900HX on the AMD side.

Intel Core i7-12800H challenges its competitors!

The Intel Core i7-12800Happeared in Geekbench tests. Three new tests were conducted with the chip found on the 2022 Razer Blade 15 gaming laptop (RZ09-0421). In particular, the resulting scores were much higher than the results we saw in last month’s benchmarks.

The mobile platform’s successful CPU comes with 14 cores and 20 threads. The Apple M1 Max processor powers the 2021 MacBook Pro laptop and offers 10 cores and 10 threads. Although they do not belong to the same platform, the M1 chip seems to be at a disadvantage at this point.

Looking at the test results, we see that the geekbench 5.4 average score of Apple’s M1 Max processor based on two tests reached 1,773points in a single core and 12,636 points in the multi-core. The Intel Core i7-12800H scores 12,541 on a single core and 1,791 on multiple cores.

Thus, we see that Apple’s processor outperforms the i7-12800H(a difference of 0.76 percent) by a small margin in multi-core test results. But Intel’s new chip took the lead in single-core performance tests, beating Apple by 1.02 percent.

Of course, there are many different factors to consider in these tests. For example, factors such as the operating frequencies or instantaneous temperatures of these processors will directly affect the results. For this reason, the Intel Core i7-12800H can perform better or worse within a different system.

In addition, we should mention that Apple’s new M1 series processors, the M1 Pro and M1 Max,consume less power and work at high efficiency than their predecessor and competitors. So when you look at the performance data given per Watt, it sits at the top at this point.

When we look at the comparisons between the AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX and the Intel Core i7-12800H, we see that Intel has an overwhelming advantage. That’s because I7’ssingle core score is 18.69 percent higher than Ryzen 9,which has 8 cores. In addition, when looking at multi-core performance, the difference increases to 54.66 percent.

Of course, as we said, there are many factors in these tests, from RAMto processor cooler. However,while the benchmark results with A p ple resulted in a relatively low margin, it seems that the AMD side will need to show up with its next generation processors to replace these results, which are almost half.

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