Street Fighter’s drawings in the construction process have been revealed!

Street Fighter came into our lives about 36 years ago. A-4 paper drawings of the much-loved video game appeared.

The Street Fighter video game, which is expected to be released in version 6 next year, has revealed designs drawn on A-4 papers in the making process. The video game released by Capcom approximately 34 years ago was also very popular in our country through Atari Gaming Machines.

The Osaka-based company hosted consecutive popular games with Ghouls’ Ghosts in 1988, Final Fight in 1989 and Street Fighter II in 1991. Using a unified arcade platform, Capcom had a strong graphics processing line. The details of the drawings of Street Fighter, capcom’s most popular game, during the construction process are in our news…

Million dollar game created with tiles; Street Fighter

Tiles created with layers called 16×16 tiles created character poses. In addition to several basic operations, such as horizontal and vertical flips, the CPS-1 system used could not replace tiles. Although this technology that we are passing on to you for now may seem simple to you, it was a real achievement to move so much of the screen at the time. In a game like “The Punisher,” the last boss consists of poses that reach up to 80 tiles.

While what the CPS-1 was able to do was a boon for artists, it was a big problem for project managers. A lot of ROM had to be used, and these chips were too expensive. The solution to the problems created by the budget came in the form of paper sheets and scissors.

Akira Nishitani, a popular game designer, said at the time that they had saved money, “To make the most of the capacity we had, we wrote the ROM’s capacity on a board and cut and pasted pixel characters on the board. If the card has free space, the ROM has open capacity. So from there we started to fill in the gaps like a puzzle,” he said.

Placing irrelevant drawings in places that remained empty between images to fill gaps in ROMs was a challenging process for artists. Street Fighter II’s OBJ layer is made of 144 sheets, a total of 4.6 MiB. The characters with the most weight in terms of bytes are, respectively; Zangief (19), followed by Honda (15), Dhalsim (14, a thin character in drawing but stretching a lot), Blanka (15), Ryu (13.5), Guile (11), Chun-li (10), Dictator (9, his cape takes a whole page!), Sagat (6), Boxer (6), Claw (6) and Ken (3).

When we look at the graphics, we can see that the character Ken in Street Fighter consumes an unbelievably small amount, that is, three pages. That’s because Ken has a patch on his Ryu tiles.

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