Bad surprise for Mac and Linux players! Humble Trove

Mac and Linux players were disappointed after receiving the Humble Bundle email. Accordingly, the platform will shut down humble trove access.

Humble Bundleis changing its subscription systems as of February 1st. Accordingly, the platform is preparing to offer a simpler subscription system. However, humble bundle surprised macOS and Linux players with this change.

Mac and Linux support for Humble Trove ends

Humble Bundle,which e-mails users who own Macs and Linuxs, gave the players the bad news. Accordingly, the platform will remove access to Linux and Mac games in the Humble Trove catalog as of February 1st. Users who want to preserve mac and Linux versions of existing Humble Trove games must download the games before February 1st.

Humble Bundleis one of the important platforms for gamers, especially with its options such as discounted gaming deals, subscription game purchases. Humble Trove is a catalogue of Humble Orginals games with more than 75 DRMs, which do not have an anti-copy system. To access this catalog, you must be a member of a Humble Choice subscription.

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Currently, Humble Trovecontinues to support Windows. However, predictions are that humble bundle will end this service completely. In this sense, humble bundle will also simplify the Humble Choice subscription system as of February 1st.

In a statement posted on its Humble Bundle blog, it announced that the Choice subscription will now consist of one package. Accordingly, the Humble Choice subscription will cost $11.99. The main change is that you had the right to select some of the games previously offered according to the subscription type. With a Humble Choice subscription, you will now have access to all the games that your platform offers subscribers.

With this change in the subscription system, the Humble Trove service is likely to disappear. Because the way to reach more exclusive games in this service was to have a higher-paying Choice subscription. Currently, there is no decision to remove access for Mac and Linux players outside Trove.

Humble Bundle also gave choice subscribers new good news. Accordingly, starting in February, subscribers will be offered a new service called Humble Games Colection. Just like Xbox Game Pass, this service is a library of games that expands monthly with new games. Special discount deals will also be included in this collection. The games selected for Humble Game Colection for February are as follows:

  • Forager
  • Wizard of Legend
  • Dodgeball Academia
  • Unsighted
  • Void Bastards

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