Qualcomm announces Nintendo Switch-like console!

Qualcomm announced its Nintendo Switch-like palm console, the Snapdragon G3x, at its event. Here are the features…

Qualcommhas announced a new game console called Snapdragon G3x. The console appeared exclusively for cloud games. In this case, players were allowed to stream games from their consoles or PCs. The device came in a developer-only concept.

Qualcomm and Razerhave teamed up to offer a development kit to all developers who want to play with this console. According to Qualcomm, the device is not currently scheduled for a market run. The company has previously introduced similar products with mobile hardware development kits.

Snapdragon G3x comes with a 120Hz OLED display

Snapdragon G3x has a number of remarkable features. However, users cannot have this console. Because, as we mentioned above, it will be a console for developers only. The device itself consists of a 6.65-inch OLED display that can operate up to 120Hz. Like the Nintendo Switch, the device can connect to a TV. Unlike the Switch, however, plugging it in allows users to play games in 4K HDR quality. On the operating system side, it also benefited from the Android base.


Other features of the Snapdragon G3x console include a ventilation at the back of the controller, improved tactileness and a four-way speaker. The device also maps touchscreen commands to buttons. With this method, users have the chance to play mobile games without a touch screen.

The most remarkable of the features is that it was made with the flow of the game in mind. The gameoffers a 1080p60fps camera for gamers to broadcast a game and their camera from the same portable device. Snapdragon G3x incorporates some creative ideas. However, it is not yet clear whether these ideas will be released.


With the arrival of the Steam Deck console, there has been an increase in interest in players who want to play very powerful games. Qualcomm’scloud gaming-centric palm console eliminates this problem. However, it can still give players a variety of difficulties in playing any game on the go. Let’s note that the console is not available worldwide.

Screen: 120Hz 6.65 inch Full HD+ OLED display
Camera: 1080p60FPS
Video card: Qualcomm Adreno GPU
Operating system: Android
Battery: 6,000 mAh
Other features: 4K HDR gaming, rear ventilation, improved tactileness, four-way speaker

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